April 13, 2020

Exploiting the results of the NOVICE project – Lessons learnt from the Exploitation Strategy Seminar

The Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) is an instrument to support partners of a research project to give sharper consideration to the potential of project results and their exploitation routes. The overall aim is to give the opportunity to project’s partners to reflect on Key Exploitable Results (KERs) and actions to be implemented in this direction. The service includes desk research during a preparation phase and a face-to-face collaborative workshop. The seminar aims to brainstorm on how the project should address exploitation opportunities, to identify non-technical factors which could cause risks and potential obstacles that the future results of the project would remain unexploited, and to enhance the team’s awareness of intellectual property rights (IPRs).

The NOVICE Project aims to develop and demonstrate a new business model in building renovation to better monetize energy efficiency by consolidating services and subsequent revenue streams from both energy savings and Demand Response. NOVICE introduces new actors (aggregators) in building energy upgrade projects and fosters their collaboration with Energy Service Companies, financing institutions, facilities management companies, engineering consultants to facilitate the roll out of the dual (grid services and energy efficiency) energy services model.

While the process of identifying and characterizing the key exploitable results of the project has been ongoing from the early stages of the projects, the NOVICE partners deemed helpful to participate in the ESS service, as a means to better clarify, organise and assess the exploitation opportunities of the project outcomes.

A whole day workshop was thus organised with the participation of all partners and an ESS expert on June 2019. During the ESS, the effort was put to identify and describe services emerging from Projects’ results and Partners’ competencies, that could be implemented into the market. The Expert facilitated the discussion, collected the participants’ insights, provided feedback and recommendations.

The main points of discussion were the following:
• Identification of implementable Key Exploitable Results (KERs)
• Characterization of the KERs
• Identification of key exploitation risks
• Discussion on Action Plan

Four KERs were identified during the workshop, pertaining smart energy services, advanced facility management, smart energy training and building monitoring ans automation. For each KER, further characterizations based on partners involved, market potential and implementation risks were discussed.

Based on the detailed discussion, certain recommendations on IPR, ownership, identification and dissemination of results, were made so as to improve and enhance the exploitation strategy of the NOVICE project.

Nearing the end of the NOVICE project, the partners are now actively involved in finalizing the business plan and developing the roadmaps and action plans for exploitation after the end of the project, taking into consideration the advice and lessons learnt during the ESS workshop.


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