February 8, 2018

NOVICE 2nd plenary meeting and workshop in London, UK

The second plenary meeting of the NOVICE EU project took place between 16 and 17 of January 2018 at London UK, hosted by KiWi. The first day of the meeting included presentations by the concortium partners regarding work progress, followed by a round table discussion pertaining the promotion and demonstration of the project.


The second day revolved around the 1st stakeholders workshop organized by the NOVICE consortium. The main objectives of the workshop were to introduce the NOVICE project to relevant market stakeholders, and further delineate, through interaction between the partners and workshop participants, a number of important key points regarding market drivers for ESCOs and aggregators, current regulatory barriers for EPC and DSR and suitable use cases for the proposed NOVICE business model.


A detailed blog post summarizing the results of the workshop is under preparation and will be soon available through our website here



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