October 5, 2017

EU Smart Meters Spur Growth in the Customer Analytics Market

Two new reports from GTM Research demonstrate the substantial investment in both advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and specific customer analytics segments — the first report analyzes the progress of AMI deployment in Europe, while the second is a comprehensive assessment of analytics use cases enabled by or interacting with AMI.


The Third Energy Package mandated EU member states to perform a cost-benefit analysis to evaluate the economic viability of deploying smart meters. Two-thirds of the member states found there was a net positive result, while seven members found negative or inconclusive results.

“The mandate spurred AMI deployment in the EU, but all member states are deploying some AMI. Even without an overall positive cost-benefit outcome, utilities found pockets of customers where there is a positive business case for AMI,” said Paulina Tarrant, research associate at GTM Research and lead author of “Racing to 2020: European Policy, Deployment and Market Share Primer.”


Annual AMI contracting peaked in 2013 — two years after the mandate — with 29 million contracted that year. Today, 100 million meters have been contracted overall. As member states reach their respective targets, the AMI market will cool in Europe and spending on analytics and applications will continue to ramp up, Tarrant noted.


Between 2017 and 2021, more than $30 billion will be spent on utility back-office and revenue-assurance analytics in the EU, according to GTM Research’s Grid Edge Customer Utility Analytics Ecosystems: Competitive Analysis, Forecasts and Case Studies.


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