September 20, 2017

EU energy and transport ministers have agreed to increase the digitalisation of the energy market

The ministers signed a declaration in agreement to further digitise the region’s energy landscape under efforts to meet goals set under regional and international policies to protect the environment.


The declaration Tallinn e-energy was signed in Estonia as the ministers await an informal meeting set for stage today.

The Tallinn e-energy declaration is expected to help the EU region to meet targets set under the Paris Agreement and the  EU 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


The declaration aims to keep the region ahead in global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combating climate change.

According to EURACTIV, the declaration bides EU members to upgrade existing, develop and implement new innovative technologies in the energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy storage, smart energy and digital utility sectors.


In addition, EU states will increase the participation of energy consumers and prosumers in the energy market. The declaration calls for an increase in platforms and technologies which would simplify the manner at which consumers switch to affordable energy tariffs and energy providers of their choice.


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