The NOVICE consortium consists of research institutions, engineering consultants, technology companies, financing institutions, ESCOs, aggregators, and facilities management companies that are working together to develop the dual energy services business model in energy efficiency investments.

International Energy Research Centre

The International Energy Research Centre (IERC), located in Cork, Ireland is a collaborative research organization that seeks to identify and exploit opportunities in the energy demand space through a holistic, systems approach to technology, policy, and markets. The IERC delivers the research needed to enable improvements through the five lenses of technology, analytics, behaviour, business models, and policy and regulation. IERC Industry members work collaboratively with leading researchers to address the energy demand side challenges by examining how the highest quality of end use service can be delivered at maximum efficiency. IERC operates as an industry led research collaboration between the Irish state, leading international and local companies and world class research performing organizations. The IERC has a unique structure to maximize the impact of research funding, improve energy productivity, increase market opportunities for participating companies, reveal new insights and market opportunities, and create new jobs for the Irish economy. It aims to rapidly strengthen the research capacity and capabilities in Ireland, and to become the go-to knowledge hub in efficient, demand side integrated energy systems. The IERC was founded in 2010 as one of 15 industry-led research centres in the Government-funded Technology Centres Programme which is a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland and is co-hosted at Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland. The Tyndall National Institute was founded in 1982 as the NMRC (National Microelectronics Research Centre). It employs over 450 staff and students and has more than 200 industrial partnerships and customers worldwide. Tyndall was involved in 89 projects in FP7, 26 as coordinator generating income of 38 m EUR.


Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation ( is a private, independent, non-profit research organisation. Legally a non-profit Foundation, TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing more than 1,300 people (164 PhDs) and having an income of 102 m EUR in 2013. TECNALIA operates in the following market sectors: Sustainable Construction, Energy and Environment, Innovation and Societies, Industry and Transport, ICT and Health and Quality of Life. TECNALIA was very active in FP7, participating in 395 projects and coordinating 84 of them, as well as in the first calls of H2020 (participating in 37 granted projects and coordinating 6 of them). TECNALIA has a strong market orientation aiming at achieving major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological development. TECNALIA, the University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV) and Donostia International Physics Center (DISC) are the founding members of Euskampus (2010,, a project which attained the qualification of International Campus of Excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2010). Euskampus partners with the PRES of the Universities of Bordeaux in the Euskampus-Bordeaux Transborder Campus. The NOVICE project will be carried out by the Sustainable Construction Division. This Division covers the whole value chain of the construction sector, from materials building and products to the buildings themselves, the city, the civil infrastructures and the end of life of both buildings and infrastructures. The Sustainable Construction Division of TECNALIA has deep expertise in the area of knowledge related energy efficiency in buildings, and particularly in energy performance dynamic characterization both at building and district level. According to this background, TECNALIA is member of the Steering Committee of the E2BA-EI, member of the Steering Board of the ECTP (and also leading the Focus Area of Cultural Heritage and the Advisory Group of SME’s), the Spanish representative in the ECBCS implementing agreement of the International Energy Agency, and member of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform within Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership (EIP-SCC). TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer. The current ratio of female/male employees is 40/60.


KiWi Power

Kiwi Power’s vision is to simplify distributed energy for global sustainability impact. The company was founded in London in 2009, and now operates globally, deploying our unique combination of technology and expertise to unlock distributed energy resource (DER) value and serve sustainable energy needs. We partner with electric utilities, distribution system operators, energy storage owners and aggregators to quickly and cost-efficiently establish a reliable DER business. Our platform is active in over 10 countries, optimising and monetising over 1GW of DERs on behalf of our partners.

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Hypertech aims at providing flexible solutions for small and medium-sized electricity consumers and integrated solutions for electric utilities and service providers in the field of demand management (Aggregators). The business strategy of HYPERTECH includes research and development of advanced technologies, to create a full suite of solutions and products appealing to everyone involved in the electricity market, namely: Solutions for consumers: Tools for Creating Detailed Consumption Profiles (Consumer Profiling), Tools for personalized billing reports (Informative Billing) and Innovative Solutions for Building Automation. Solutions for Public Agencies and Business / Industrial Consumers: Multiparametric solutions to optimize energy consumption without compromising business performance targets (Enterprise Performance and Sustainability), Tools for the analysis and real-time monitoring of power consumption data (Billing Analysis, Monitoring and Optimization), along with energy consumption forecasting and reporting tools. Solutions for Utilities and Energy Services Companies: Tools for analysing Consumers' Portfolios and shaping optimized billing strategies, Innovative Solutions for Forecasting and Management of Electricity Demand, Tools for Electricity Trading Optimization and Risk Management and cutting-edge solutions for ensuring semantic interoperability between infrastructure / devices / systems of smart grid, adopting the approach of the Internet of Things (Cloud and Standards-Based Services - "Internet of the Grid"). Hypertech has been actively involved in EU Funded R&D programmes since their establishment. Hypertech is currently involved as a main technology partner in the FP7 Projects Adapt4EE, INERTIA, OS4ES and BESOS, the H2020 Projects MOEEBIUS, Heat4Cool, NOBEL GRID and ORBEET, as well as in the Eco-Innovation Project ECOPROWINE and the national R&D project ECOBUILDING. Hypertech holds vast experience on various aspects of the DSM spectrum and the development of innovative tools both for the consumer, as well as, for the Utilities and Aggregators. Hypertech focuses on designing and developing innovative techniques and solutions for automated analysis of consumer profiles, as well as, the development of intelligent and automated techniques for real-time balancing of supply and demand of electricity (power optimization balance), while overcoming critical factors that prevent widespread adoption and implementation of demand response strategies (Demand Response - DR).


SOLINTEL is a high-technological SME with more than two decades of experience in construction and energy sectors developing business in three main areas of the interconnected building-energy value chain. Solintel combines engineering and consultancy services with their own building and energy projects acting as investor and/or developer. The company focusses in three main areas: Consultancy and Engineering services. We work providing services as designing, engineering and construction project management providing services of inspection and quality control with a focused expertise in energy efficiency and consultancy in projects of rehabilitation providing assistant to Real Estate investors, private communities of residential properties and financial entities. Building Retrofitting developer and investor: Solintel is also promoting their own residential retrofitting projects. Nowadays Solintel is developing real estate and Green building projects in Valencia, Colombia and Brazil and we have a 32-dwelling project under LEDD certification process. Innovation and new technologies consultancy services targeting all stakeholders involved in the construction and energy markets, with a focus on simulation, monitoring and control of energy systems, integration of RES in buildings, new materials and new technologies oriented to improve productivity at construction sector. Solintel guarantees the right alignment between technologies and business strategies promoting the creation of value in traditional markets. The strategy followed by the company to invest over the 50% of its profits in R&D guarantees the success in our solutions. Our strengthens are based on: The application of processes analysis tools developed during more than 30 years of experience in business management. The creativity of the given solutions, based on original production processes and new business models. Knowledge of the markets and the most international advanced technologies with proven business results. An international networking of alliances and a business commercial network covering Europe and Latin-America with permanent offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Medellín (Colombia), Hermosillo (Mexico), Natal (Brazil). SOLINTEL is formed by a multidisciplinary team of engineers (industrial, civil, and chemical engineers) that provide the latest energy-efficiency solutions for new or refurbished building stock, full development of novel energy systems, improvement of industrial processes, and high performance materials development. Due to the expertise hold by the company in the National and European research initiatives, having more than 30 projects, in programs such as FP5, FP6, FP7, HORIZON 2020, Eurostar, EUREKA, CHINEKA, or JAPONEKA, SOLINTEL offers consultancy services to technological companies that want to improve their products or participate in collaborative high technology programs along with the top research centres and universities. SOLINTEL has also joined the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP), the Energy-Efficient Buildings E2B EI association and belongs to the Ad-Hoc Advisory Industrial Group for the European Commission (EeB PPP).

e7 Energy Markt Analyse

e7 is a private research and consulting organisation working in the fields of energy efficient construction and renovation, energy efficiency services and energy economics. The company was founded in July 2007 and is located in Vienna, Austria. The focus of e7 lies on specific questions and challenges connected with energy efficiency, use of RES and climate protection. e7 sees itself as a highly competent and independent facilitator between i) market and vision, ii) practice and science and iii) present and future. The key resource of e7 is the technical, scientific and economic competence of the e7-team with 17 employees, which is based on many years of experience in research, customer-oriented consulting as well as the implementation of projects and programmes, both on national and international level. A specificity of e7 Energie Markt Analyse GmbH is the independence from interest groups and administration. This allows an open-minded approach to our customers’ needs and an objective processing of projects. Main fields of activity are market analyses for the use and distribution of energy efficiency technologies and services, strategies for business sectors, organisations and companies as well as the evaluation and development of tools for energy and climate policy. Economic assessments such as life-cycle cost analyses for buildings are also a major field of operation. e7 has been recently involved in several national and European projects dealing with all kinds of energy efficiency services. On a European level, e7 has been involved with the IEE project Transparense. Within this project e7 has developed (together with the Austrian Association of Energy Service Providers) a set of quality criteria for the energy efficiency services market. e7 also co-ordinated the Austrian part of IEA Task 16 – Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Services. Furthermore, e7 is/was partner in the Horizon 2020 project EPC+: Energy Contracting Plus, the IEE project Re-Commissioning: Raising Energy Performance in Existing Non- Residential Buildings, the IEE project ChangeBest: Promoting the Development of an Energy Efficiency Service (EES) Market. At the moment e7 is an active facilitator, carries out energy audits and supports private clients with the implementation of energy management systems according to ISO 50 001.

Joule Assets

Joule Assets Europe AB OY delivers a demand response and energy efficiency software based tool and project financing. Through its exclusive Energy Reduction Assets (ERA) software based tool it analyses regional ERA business cases and development opportunities and is able to make this knowledge readily available to service providers and contractors. Joule Assets also then provides financing, filling market funding gaps and overcomes market delivery failures through highlighting possible and innovative business cases to market stakeholders, and by providing access to capital for projects accessing these market revenues. The Joule database details the regional rules, regulations, market models and revenue streams for energy efficiency and demand response programs. This allows Joule to quickly and accurately identify positive business models and development opportunities. Joule’s role as financing facilitator ensures that the resulting demonstration is accessible to all market participants and ensures exploitation of the project results. It will also open new business opportunities for demand response and energy efficiency service providers and contractors – who today may lack access to adequate funds. The work of Joule Assets Europe AB OY will be supported by Joule Assets Europe Group SRL (JAEG) (Linked third party).


Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions

Noel Lawler Green Energy Solutions was formed to provide an integrated approach to reducing clients’ energy consumption, their carbon footprint and increasing sustainability. NLGES offer clients a unique service by minimising a sites energy and carbon emissions. This is achieved by examining all elements contributing to energy consumption and carbon production. Our expertise is drawn from an experienced pool of architects, engineers and analysts allowing comprehensive building and site evaluations to be made. Our team work throughout the UK and Ireland. Unlike many 'new entrants' to this sector, we have 35 years of experience designing, commissioning and monitoring the electrical and mechanical systems that are responsible for energy consumption within buildings. This in depth understanding of building systems means that we are uniquely positioned through reverse engineering to reduce client’s energy consumption. NLGES adopts a holistic approach to potential reduction of energy, water and operational costs which cannot be offered by our competitors. We offer a range of energy services including: energy contracting, energy audits, energy rating services, renewable technology integration, carbon reduction programmes, bill analysis and energy procurement. We are continually evaluating new technologies and system controls to maximize the energy reduction impact we can deliver to Clients. We are finding now that more of our recent significant contracts are in the Energy Performance Contracts where we are involved in turnkey project identification and scoping and our remuneration is performance based linked to energy savings. We are certified to the internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Standard, demonstrating our commitment to providing consistent and quality services to our client base.

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Apleona are Germany's leading service provider in Facility Management. The company has followed the maxim "We're not happy until our client is happy", providing solutions surrounding the operation of buildings throughout the entire lifecycle promoting reliability and innovation. Our core competence is to make work possible for others. Apleona provides energy efficiency services all over Europe expanding into new markets to deliver up-to-date Facility Management solutions for energy efficient operations of all types of sites and facilities.