EU should aim for net-zero emissions by 2040 to fight global warming

Keeping global temperature rise to 1.5°C is critical – and still possible. But it means the EU should aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2040, writes Andrea Kohl, the director of the WWF’s European Policy Office. Read more here.

Polish Transmission System Operator: Europe needs to reshape its electricity market

The management and balancing of the power system is becoming more and more complicated and expensive, and the European TSOs face new challenges. In order to prevent the instability of the system and the increase of the energy costs for the end users, it is necessary to reshape the current electricity market – these are […]

Ireland commits to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies

Ireland committed to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies on Thursday after parliament passed a bill forcing the €8.9 billion Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) to withdraw money invested in oil, gas and coal. Read more here.

Enerdata released the 2018 edition of its free online interactive application ‘Global Energy Statistical Yearbook’

The tool is Enerdata’s free online application that provides global energy statistics, diffused on an interactive interface with maps and graphs. Read more and access the tool here.

Enerdata introduces the EnerOutlook, first edition of its free online interactive application to forecast energy data until 2040.

EnerOutlook is a free interactive online application providing long-term energy trends through interactive maps and graphs. Read more and access the tool here.

UK’s decarbonization depends on continued growth of EVs, RE, storage – National Grid

According to a recent article published in, possible scenarios that see U.K. achieve its 2050 goal of cutting carbon emissions by 80% from 1990 levels, require large growth in renewable generation and acceleration of the electric vehicle (EV) market. Read the complete article here.

London Creates Energy Efficiency Fund For Small Business

The Mayor of London has announced the largest ever dedicated investment fund for urban energy efficiency measures. The new £500m reserve will help small businesses and public sector organizations to invest in low carbon measures such as battery storage, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and small-scale renewable energy generation. Read more here.

Cooling, Europe’s unheralded energy challenge

Heating and cooling takes up half the European Union’s energy consumption but it is often radiators and heaters that hog the spotlight, while air conditioning and fans are sidelined. But cooling is set to become far more important because of the changing climate and economic situation. Worldwide demand for air conditioning is expected to triple […]

German coal trounced by renewables for first time

Renewable energy sources satisfied more of Germany’s power demands than coal during the first half of 2018, marking a shift towards clean power as the Bundesrepublik continues to debate how best to phase out coal. Read more here.

The parties of the Montreal Protocol met in Vienna to discuss the energy-efficiency opportunities of phasing down HFCs

The workshop, held on 9-10 July, was organised by the United Nations ahead of the 40th Open-ended Working Group of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (OEWG) in Vienna, Austria (11-14 July). The Parties to the Montreal Protocol – an international treaty in place since 1987 to phase out and/or phase down ozone-depleting substances used […]