Facilitator Service for Dual Energy Services

The role of facilitator Energy performance contracting (EPC) services are usually complex and long-term projects. Many building owners therefore do not dare to undertake such a project without competent and independent advice. Thus, many EPC markets in Europe are pushed forward by market facilitators that provide the necessary know-how and experience to support building owners […]

Building Technologies for Dual Services (Energy Efficiency and Demand Response)

The continuous growth of renewable energy and the transition to a more de-centralised electricity generation adds significant complexity to balance power supply and demand in the grid. These imbalances are partially compensated by demand response programs, which represent a new business opportunity in the building sector, especially for ESCOs. Including demand response (DR) to their […]

Is the flexibility market moving toward real time?

The UK National Grid procures its balancing products (in advance) through Ancillary Services (e.g. Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR)) and in real time through the Balancing Mechanism. Ancillary Services markets usually pay for the availability of the assets in addition to the utilisation, providing asset owners a level of certainty for some revenue during a […]

Project TERRE – The Trans-European Replacement Reserve Exchange

Under European Union electricity regulations, there is a requirement for the Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of Member States to collaborate in order to procure ancillary and balancing services in cross-border markets, enabling power providers to have access to a wider range of opportunities to sell, and to encourage greater cooperation between power markets across the […]

We turned off HVAC systems in a leisure centre for 2 hours. But did anyone notice?

Complaints from building occupants are one of the most difficult challenges that the facilities manager will experience. It’s a common problem, especially in open plan offices where those who feel the cold wear as many layers as they possibly can and huddle around a warm cup of coffee all day, while others sit in short […]

Accelerating the transition to a low carbon future – Full webinar Recording and Presentation Deck now available

We had a great presence and involvement at our webinar held on Tuesday 21st of April on how to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon future through innovative business models and price based service contracts. Thank you for your participation! If you missed it, you can find the full recording here. The presentation deck can […]

Exploiting the results of the NOVICE project – Lessons learnt from the Exploitation Strategy Seminar

The Exploitation Strategy Seminar (ESS) is an instrument to support partners of a research project to give sharper consideration to the potential of project results and their exploitation routes. The overall aim is to give the opportunity to project’s partners to reflect on Key Exploitable Results (KERs) and actions to be implemented in this direction. […]

Are combined Energy Efficiency and Demand Response interventions suitable for all building types?

Combining the revenue stream from energy savings with demand response schemes can prove to be a very effective way to increase the economic attractiveness of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs). However, not all buildings will have the same increase in return on investment using this business model compared to an approach that considers energy efficiency alone. […]

Financing energy efficiency projects – comparing the perspectives of investors and project developers – Webinar Video available online

In case you have missed our webinar on Financing energy efficiency projects – comparing the perspectives of investors and project developers, the complete video recording is available from our Youtube account.

Accelerating the transition to a low-carbon future through innovative business models and price based service contracts – Joint Webinar with AmBIENCe project – Tuesday, April 21st 2020 15:00-16:00 CET

OVERVIEW Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) has existed for a number of years, but in many European Countries it is still not commonly used. What kind of business model innovations will drive uptake of service and performance based contracts? How can the EPC business model be made more attractive to all the parties involved? The European […]