Is a Dual Revenue Stream EPC Bankable for European investors?

A New Model Combining Energy Efficiency and Demand Response   As part of the NOVICE project, Joule Assets Europe conducted a research study measuring the appeal and financial viability of the NOVICE dual revenue stream Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which looks to combine Energy Efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR). At the outset, the NOVICE […]

The NOVICE project initiates collaboration with OptimEyes for demonstration of the dual energy services model)

We are excited to announce our collaboration with OptimEyes Energy Ltd (, who will assist us in demonstrating and validating the NOVICE Demand Response/Energy Efficiency joint Business Model. OptimEyes offers services ranging from auditing, energy performance certification and energy management optimisation, to design, funding, maintenance and operation of energy efficiency solutions. Within the scope of […]

Energy Efficiency with Demand Response – can a single business model solve both problems?

Buildings need to become more energy efficient. This is one of the key messages that underpins the recently revised Energy Efficiency Directive which mandates a 32.5% increase in energy efficiency by 2030 with scope for an upward revision of the target by 2023. At the same time, buildings also need to have greater energy flexibility […]

NOVICE finds that the European ESCO market is ready to embrace a new way of doing business

If you’ve been following the NOVICE project, you’ll know that we aim to develop and demonstrate a new business model for ESCO’s that makes EPCs more attractive by consolidating energy efficiency and demand response services and combining their revenue streams. One of the first steps we took to inform our research was to learn more […]


Energy Performance Contracting is a common solution for building managers looking for an easy yet affordable way of implementing energy efficiency measures. A single contract with an ESCO who not only offers a turnkey solution but also guarantees that energy savings will be made, has obvious benefits over multiple contracts with individual technology suppliers. What’s […]

EU should aim for net-zero emissions by 2040 to fight global warming

Keeping global temperature rise to 1.5°C is critical – and still possible. But it means the EU should aim to reach net-zero emissions by 2040, writes Andrea Kohl, the director of the WWF’s European Policy Office. Read more here.

Polish Transmission System Operator: Europe needs to reshape its electricity market

The management and balancing of the power system is becoming more and more complicated and expensive, and the European TSOs face new challenges. In order to prevent the instability of the system and the increase of the energy costs for the end users, it is necessary to reshape the current electricity market – these are […]

Ireland commits to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies

Ireland committed to divesting public funds from fossil fuel companies on Thursday after parliament passed a bill forcing the €8.9 billion Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISIF) to withdraw money invested in oil, gas and coal. Read more here.

Enerdata released the 2018 edition of its free online interactive application ‘Global Energy Statistical Yearbook’

The tool is Enerdata’s free online application that provides global energy statistics, diffused on an interactive interface with maps and graphs. Read more and access the tool here.

Enerdata introduces the EnerOutlook, first edition of its free online interactive application to forecast energy data until 2040.

EnerOutlook is a free interactive online application providing long-term energy trends through interactive maps and graphs. Read more and access the tool here.