August 5, 2017

Energy efficiency policies ‘could save UK homes £270’, report finds.

UK homeowners could cut their yearly bills by hundreds of pounds by making their properties more energy efficient, a new report says.

“Cost-effective” investments up to 2035 could save a quarter of the energy used by households, the UK Energy Research Council (UKERC) report says, worth an average of £270 per household per year at current energy prices. This would come on top of savings already made.


Around 140 terawatt hours (TWh) of energy would be saved – roughly equivalent to the output of six Hinkley C-sized nuclear power stations, it notes, though savings would be in heat as well as power.


The investments would deliver net benefits worth £7.5bn to the UK, the analysis found, using the government’s own guidance for policy appraisal. This could reach £47bn, if benefits such as health improvements and additional economic activity are counted.


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